Norine Yukon


Norine Yukon is a strategic advisor known for her ability to envision and execute highly successful business development, advocacy and leadership strategies for a wide range of organizations. She brings deep leadership experience to her role as executive coach and board member for several established and emerging health care corporations. Compassion, collaboration and insight to people and challenges are the driving forces behind her work, from her first job as a clinical nurse to her most recent position as chief executive officer of a major health plan.

Norine has a history of building and sustaining functional, motivated and winning teams. She has led de novo start-ups and acquisition transitions and has demonstrated sales/marketing success. She has extensive government relations experience and has built mutually beneficial relationships with local, state and federal leaders and agencies. She is experienced in community-based outreach and grassroots marketing and has designed and implemented advertising and public relations strategies in a variety of proactive and reactive situations.

CEO of UnitedHealthcare Community Plan of Texas from 2010 to 2014, Norine led executive oversight and P&L responsibility for public sector health plans with revenues over $1B.